About Us

Our company is family owned and operated. We are located in Battle Creek Michigan.

We come from a long line of artistic and creative family genes. And we're not afraid of thinking outside the box.

Chalked painting is NOT new. It's been around since nearly the stone age. But didn't really become popular until about the last decade. Back in the early 80's we came up with a paint concoction similar to what we use now to shabby chic kitchen cabinets. What?  Use chalked paint to paint oak cabinets?  Yes!!!  We did, and they turned out beautiful. That started our chalked paint journey...

We have spent years perfecting our paint line, as well as our painting, distressing, and finishing techniques.

We started making paint for our own personal use in our retail store. Then customers would come in wanting to purchase our paint.  That started the ball rolling. We went to work consulting and creating natural, non-toxic products, that are safe and eco-friendly. But we also wanted to make it easy to use for first-time DIYers, while maintaining the high quality necessary for the retailer and seasoned professionals.

As the word spread, the demand did too. Now we are a hands-on manufacturer of the best chalked paint on the market. Our paint is poured carefully by hand and meticulously overseen from beginning to end. Using our paint is easy as 1, 2, 3, paint, distress, wax.

Our paint products contain low to no V.O.C.s and are water based for easy clean up.

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